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Hay Day Hack and Cheats for Unlimited Diamonds and Coins


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Hay Day Hack

Hay Day Hack - Hay Day Cheats


Did a tremendous job making hay day ever engaging and ever enjoying. This second game by supercell after clash of clans is topping the charts of farming games specially after it was introduced for android as well. The game is so much popular because it is very close to reality. You have to gather resources, produce them, spend wisely to get more experience points etc. However to compete with the online players you might need to get coins and diamonds at a rate faster than usual. This is where we come into play. Use our hay day hack to safely patch the servers for any amount of coins or diamonds you might want.

Our hay day cheats are hardcoded in the online script and are therefore completely virus free and undetectable. Its just a matter to clicks and you can outplay your fellas at hay day.

Gameplay: You are given the command of a farm by the previous owner Gerg who somehow cannot manage it anymore. You have to harvest crops, feed animals and manage other things. The more efficiently you do this, faster you progress in the game.

So go ahead and get as much of coins and diamonds you want. But please try not to exploit the system. I recommend using the tool only once in 24 hours.

Hay Day Secrets, Hints And More

Hay Day is a virtual farming game that can be time-consuming. It can take hours to make sure that all of your crops and livestock are all working properly. Here are some hay day cheats, hay day tricks, hay day hack and hay tips that well help you in your gameplay.
Getting Money Fast: Go through the newspaper to find construction equipment and other items; you want these sold in large quantities. Then sell them individually at a marked up price. This is called marching, or gaming the system. Go to a road shop and buy a slot. On your new slot and if you sell 5 pieces of wood and anyone buys it you will have 500,000 gold!
Getting Diamonds Easily: If you synchronize Facebook with your game then you'll get diamonds everytime you level up. You will also get 5 diamonds for using the game or watching a trailer for another video game. These take little time and you will get easy diamonds.
Start mining for diamonds ASAP, once you reach level 24 start mining for diamonds because you will get diamonds every few explosions of TNT. Once you reach level 27 you can catch fish for diamonds, if you go to the boat and repair it you can then get 1-3 diamonds depending on the fish that you catch. If there are purple tickets near the newspapers, claim them because they can give diamonds. Remember you can always get diamonds for collecting all the 78 achievements through the three different levels. Get Experience Quick